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The Choice to Keep Running: Advocating with Grief (1 of 2)

“Emilie’s illness felt like a race in many ways,” Trey Gibson recalls, “At one point during that race, someone asked me about how things were going, and I replied that I don’t like to lose.” After Emilie’s death, the Gibsons were determined to continue Emilie’s legacy. “My wife Candi and I just decided that we needed to keep running. We needed to contribute. We didn’t want our daughter to die in vain.”


Letter to Congress on protecting rural and frontier American’s access to hospice and palliative care

NHPCO submitted a sign-on letter representing the needs, concerns, and experiences of over 80 organizations across the nation providing hospice and palliative care to rural and frontier communities. Highlighted issues included closure of partner providers and facilities, staffing shortages, staff safety, telehealth and broadband access, lower effective payment rates, and access to Medicare certified facilities.


Hospice Priorities for Fall 2021

As the beltway is entrenched in a busy time of the year, focusing on a big infrastructure and reconciliation package, funding the government and raising the debt-ceiling, the Hospice Action Network is working closely with the hospice and palliative care champions on the Hill, and within the Department of Health and Human Services, to advance…