As we navigate an increasingly fragmented healthcare system and a changing policy landscape, it is important that the foundation of hospice remain strong, and that we educate policymakers about the value the Medicare Hospice Benefit brings to patients and the healthcare system.

Now more than ever, it’s critically important for policymakers to understand that hospice is a program that works and a benefit that matters. To deliver this message, NHPCO is excited to launch the My Hospice campaign.

Your investment will support our multifaceted communications strategy that will include lobbying, grassroots advocacy, research and media relations to elevate our profile and support policies that align with the heart of hospice. We cannot do this without you.

Now is the time to come together to protect hospice as we know and love it today.  Thank you for your contribution to this exciting new effort to benefit OUR hospice, YOUR hospice, My Hospice.

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